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30 years ago Hurghada was a small fishing village, now the streets of Hurghada are filled with Divers, Snorkelers and holiday-makers. Over the years that I (Karen) have been diving from and around Hurghada I feel it's lost some of its original genuine charm since I came here in the late 1980'S but you can still find the real Egypt if you stay off the main track.

Diving around Hurghada

The Red Sea around Hurghada is rich with coral reefs and marine life , and there are so many dive sites to choose from.  For example, reef systems like Sha’ab El Erg with the famous "Dolphin House" ; and yes we have dived and snorkelled there with Dolphins many times. Coral walls like Giftun Drift, Um Gammar and Sha’ab Ruhr, the large morays on  Careless Reef, the spectacular coral gardens around Abu Nugar and Abu Galawa, ( we used to always find seahorses here in the sea grass but not for the past year, I still look because you never know) the frogfishes on El Fanadeer, the walls and pinnacles of Marine Park, Giftun Islands and Abu Ramada, the nice and shallow reefs to be found in many parts even all the way down to El Desha and Abu Hashish with its stunning wall and garden, there are some good wrecks too The El Mina just a few mins from leaving the harbour. The variation of sites is unbeatable which makes it a great diving holiday and suitable to any level of experience. I never tire of diving here, and will be back this year.

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