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Brothers Redsea


Brothers Itineraries feature the legendary Big and Little Brother Islands. This Scuba 2000 trip is for experienced divers with 50+ dives, you must also have done a deep diver specialty.

The Brothers are two small isolated reefs 33 miles north east of El Quseir. Big Brother Island has a lighthouse and a fringing reef with a sheer plunge to exceptional depths. The diving is challenging with deep wrecks and strong currents. Tuna, barracuda, scalloped hammerhead, oceanic white tips, silkies and reef shark can all be spotted here.

Little Brother is reputed to be one of the most scenic dives in the Red Sea. The drop off is over 40m but the walls are covered in sponges, anemones, soft corals and black coral. Some of the huge gorgonian fan corals are more than 3m high. There are caves, holes and overhangs in the shallow part of the reef. Currents can be very strong and because there is little shelter and strong winds, access is very much weather dependent.

This is a great trip to do Shark specialty course.







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