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SSI Courses - Try Dive

Min. Age: 10 Years

Have you always wanted to try scuba diving but never got round to experiencing what it's like? A try dive lets non-divers experience SCUBA in the controlled environment of a swimming pool.

This is a fun great way to get a feel for what Scuba Diving is all about, using all the equipment and supervised by an instructor. Try Dives also make excellent presents for friends and Family.

Go on give it a go.

The adventure starts here.





To provide a simple and quick introduction to the joys of Scuba diving

Age restrictions:

Minimum age 10 years old. Ideal for whole families


must be able to swim

Course duration:

1- 1.5 hours

What is supplied:

  • Full Scuba Equipment
  • Snorkel, fins, mask
  • Pool fees are included
  • cd of photos

What must you bring:

  • Swimming Trunks
  • old t shirt
  • Towel
  • Sense of adventure








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