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Scuba diving is an extremely adventurous and exciting sport. Until recently, only older kids and adults could do it. Not Anymore! Scuba rangers is here.

Now there’s Scuba Rangers, a way cool kid’s club for kids ages 8-12.

With Scuba Rangers, kids can enjoy the thrill of scuba diving in a pool/confined water, develop important life skills, and have lots of fun doing it.

If you’re looking for a new youth activity that’s way beyond soccer, karate and scouts, check out the scuba diving and the Scuba Rangers!

What’s so cool About Scuba Rangers?

Kids are part of a special, elite group: Scuba Divers

Kids accomplish things that will amaze themselves – and you.

Kids build confidence, Self-esteem, and pride.
Unlike many other sports, scuba can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

You can do it with them- and they’ll think it’s cool!

Who Can Be A Scuba Ranger?

Scuba Rangers is for any active kid ages 8-12. The children of divers and non-divers are equally welcome. Kids should have basic swimming skills, be comfortable around the water, and in good health.

Rangers are expected to make a commitment to learning proper diving skills and following safe diving practices-and to having fun!

How to Become A Scuba Ranger

Scuba Rangers must work their way through five Ranger Levels, where Rangers learn snorkelling skills, scuba skills, and water safety techniques. Rangers are rewarded for each level they complete.

Please note that Scuba Rangers are not certified divers, and can only dive in a pool/confined water area under the supervision of a ranger instructor, not in open water.








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