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SSI Courses - Night/Low Visibility

Min. Age: 10 Years

Qualification:International certification in Night/Low Visibility

Pre-Requisites: min open water

Key Elements:learning and development, Home study course, Exam, Lecture, Multiple choice exams

Includes: Lecture and final exam, Work book, Can be done on our trips

Not Included: Overnight accommodation and meals,Travel expenses to dive location, Certification card SSI Limited Visibility and Night Diving



Whether its day or night, limited visibility can be an adventure. Just because the visibility is limited doesn’t mean the opportunities are. Night diving is a natural extension of a diver’s activities. The colourful nocturnal creatures glowing under a dive light create a spectacular surreal combination. With limited visibility diving, your range of activities is unsurpassed, opening up new dive sites to explore in your own locale.

Scuba 2000 offers SSI Night Diving/Limited Visibility specialty course. Each specialty course at Scuba 2000 uses SSI'S complete training system.

Are you interested in seeing the sea creatures that come out at night? Then start your next adventure with Scuba 2000.





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