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SSI Courses - Decompression Diving

During this course you will learn to function as a member of a deep dive team and to plan and execute dives requiring stage decompression. You will make training dives as deep as 165 fsw while breathing air or optimized Nitrox and learn the proper procedures for making decompression stops utilizing a single decompression gas - EAN50.

The course includes hands-on experience with decompression planning software. You will gain the ability to prepare primary, contingency, and bailout plans. You will become experienced at evaluating conditions, anticipating potential problems, and applying the appropriate dive technique to achieve dive objectives.

Prerequisits: minimum 18 years old, minimum 75 logged dives, certification in Deep, Stress & Rescue, Enriched Air Nitrox and additionally certification in Navigation or Cavern, Advanced Open Water Diver, Oxgen Provider, certification in Technical Foundations or equivalent or Technical Foundations certified plus 10 logged Extended Range dives in the SSI Technical Logbook in a range of 24 – 42m with Stage Tank or Pony Bottle













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