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IHMP CPR & First Aid. - 1/2 day and One Day Programs (1/2 Day is CPR ONLY and Refresher / Renewal Program) 

IHMP Basic Life Support. - 1 day program. For anyone who needs a BLS Certification or just for experience if you are interested in learning; CPR and First Aid skills to a higher level. 
IHMP Dive Medic. - 1 Day Program. For any divers from any agency who need to understand the basics of diving first aid and first responder care. Includes: Oxygen Administration and AED (Auto External Defibrillation) use. Diving accident - DCS and DCI.

IHMP Diver Training Modules;
And Refresher Programs: Oxygen First Aid / AED First Aid and Dive Accident Management & Control.

IHMP Advanced Life Support.

- 2 Day Program. For anyone who desires more knowledge about First Aid and Advanced First Aid. 

IHMP Instructor Training We offer a full range of First Aid,  Instructor Training programs and Crossovers from other agencies. IHMP First Aid Instructor - IHMP Dive Medic Instructor - Sports Medic  
Instructor - IHMP Trainer - IHMP Assessor Examiner





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